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Memories of 2018

(This is a reproduction of the article that appeared in the Gazette of January 2019. Clicking on a month
name will show the Gazette for that month and clicking on any 'GO' opens the page that includes the
original piece). Where 'GO' appears more than once, the item refers to several pages in the Gazette.)

Unfortunately the iPad and some mobile phones reach the right issue but not the right page in it.

"Here we are again with some highs and lows and in-betweens of the past year at Grove. You may recognise a few of them - if you read every page of the Gazette."

GO Aaron Whitelock was still holding the line between Cliff and David.
GO Chairman, John Berkshire, related his tale of the lights going out in parallel with his health.
GO A Note from the Office reminded us to clean our shower drains every three months.
GO Myra, in her Christmas Skittles report, told us that Fred won a prize for scoring a round ‘0’.
GO Pat’s Midas report ‘Oh What a Night!’ told us that ‘...the dancers showed moving parts which aren’t usually on show’. A bit like Strictly, I’m told.

GO Six photos were titled ‘Some People Had a Great Christmas’. So others did not, right?
GO Questions about the mating habits of gulls were raised by Tricia Caffyn.
GO David Wootten wrote a wonderfully fitting ‘Ode to Postman Matt’.
GO David Hunt wrote a brief thanks for Julian Williams’ piano recital, listing all the composers. He hoped there would be a repeat of the recital. What, the same recital?

GO The cover photo showed Rysbrack’s sculpture of the god Thuner used as a cricket wicket here at Grove Place in the days of Northcliffe School then sold for £68000 to the V&A.
GO David was ‘pleased that the worst of winter’ was behind us. Lol.
GO GO GO GO The Care team was awarded Good all through by CQC. Then we heard Matt Parkes was leaving but we learnt that Planning Permission for the Nursing Home was finally granted and Brian Greenhalgh was able to answer Tricia’s questions about gulls’ mating habits. Phew!
GO Another Ann Teak began contributing to the Gazette – the late Annie Tickle.

GO Celia warned us that if you don’t clear snow off the roof of your car as well as all the windows you can be prosecuted for driving ‘without due consideration’. Who knew that?
GO The Auctioneers are returning in May to value more antiques. Who will it be this time?<
GO Johan Swiegers won the snooker competition against reigning champ, Ken Tongue.
GO Helena Snakenborg, who was in the Gazette of March 2015, re-appeared. Helena WHO?
GO Two pages of Talking about Walking and a coloured map. Is anybody actually walking?

GO The gardening boys were given some new toys but what they need is a head gardener!
GO Selina said that she was extending her beauty treatments: manicure, pedicure, waxing and eyebrow shaping: obviously targeting the men.
GO Pest Control Man visited and suppressed the ‘wee beasties’ in the Manor. Who were they?
GO Mike ‘Angel’ Messenger informed us in more ‘Talks about Walks’ that you can ‘...turn right at the canal and go as far as you like into Fishlake Meadows’...and drown?

GO With the roundabout in place, drivers had to be reminded not to use it the ‘wrong way’!
GO Robin, the new head gardener arrived; with thanks to Attila and Patrick for holding the fork.
GO GDPR notice: old residents’ directories must ALWAYS be shredded before binning
GO Dan Broadwell has got in on the Walks maps. If you followed his one mile walk, well done!
GO Norman began Notable Trees with Aesculus hippocastanum very close to Fenwick Cottage.
GO Tianmen Mountain is a mountain in Tianmen Mountain National Park. Who’d a thought it?

GO GO New: Peter Szybka, Senior Carer; Ruth Wood and Bobbie Roberts, Carers; Robin Collins, Head Gardener; Farmers’ Choice market, and a Courtesy Shuttle all began around this time.
GO ‘Antarctica is the only land on our planet [our planet?] that is not owned [?] by any country’: funny
how ownership is so important to us. Antarctica is [also] the driest place on earth.
GO A Newcomer Writes: ‘We have not been short of advice...’ Who dares to give ‘advice’?

GO David hoped ‘everyone managed to stay cool in the hot, dry times.’ Right, stay cool, man.
GO He also announced Attila and Eszter [spelt right?] were getting married this month.
GO Robin said a speciality of his is ‘high quality lawn care.’ Good luck with that, Robin.
GO ‘Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned...’ Just a Minute: Repetition.
GO Pat Wootten said ‘I would dearly love to see George Warleggan meet his comeuppance.’ His wife died in the next episode.
GO A Day to Remember: Roni gave a summary of the treats in store: one was Osborne House; she said no-one went there: our first call was sampling the wine at Rosemary’s Vineyard.

GO GO Chairman’s and Manager’s letters were almost the same on many main issues. Phew!
GO Lesleigh had laryngitis and lost her voice! Do I hear cheers or tears? (She had a week off or was it a wee cough? Ed.)
GO ‘The hot weather resulted in high temperatures’ said the Committee. Who’d a’guessed it?
GO According to Cemal, Annie, our wine supplier arrived in August with Christmas brochures.
GO Romsey Hospital Blood Clinic operating on a ‘First Come’ basis. Giving or taking, I wonder?
GO Lovely photo of ‘Eszter and Attila’s marriage. Does this settle the spellings of their names?

GO David told us, ‘The Company [LCR] are expanding their people, culture and practices...’ He was to help with this: he would be canoeing down the Tamar and sleeping under the stars.
GO Kelly reminded us of what Carers can and cannot do, e.g. they are NOT medics or cleaners.
GO Mike Lemon’s review of the Grad Band reminded us that many of the players are nurses and the band donated their fee to Wessex Heartbeat, well known to many at Grove.
GO Mike Messenger expanded our knowledge of the Romsey Canal: it is in fact the Barge Canal.
GO Pat Heath’s ‘For Lexofiles’ from September was repeated - in case we hadn’t entered them?

GO The Chairman of the Residents’ Association announced his resignation.
GO David said a visiting magician did the impossible and rendered some residents speechless.
GO Kate Mills is still ‘responsible for off-site activities’. Does this extend to Europe and beyond?
GO If the chemical formula of water is H to O then it includes I as well as JKLMN.
GO Thank you, Stanley and Pauline, for the plaque in ‘cement fondu’ – delicious but a bit gritty!

GO John Baker finding himself Acting Chairman on return from holiday, plans to go away again!
GO A water failure was due to Brigade use on a local fire; it is so precious SW cannot feed both.
GO Debbie Powell, Head of Care and Wendy Griffiths, Sales and Marketing are both on hand.